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Table & Twine is Charlotte’s newest, premium meal kit delivery service. Enjoy quick, and easy gourmet meals delivered to your door.

The Brief

At Table & Twine, we make it easy for customers who value convenience to get good meals. Unlike the other meal kit designs, we maintain prep time to a minimum. Since our chefs do most of the chopping, mixing, and measuring, you’ll have a restaurant-quality meal in about 15 minutes, which is much less time than it takes to make a Blue Apron or HelloFresh meal. Also, our chefs work hard to make “food that travels.” To ensure the food is fresh, they prepare and package the ingredients so that your dining experience is the same as at a five-star restaurant.


Web design development project Table & Twine

The Problem

Availability of customer orders

Customers generally order food through delivery or takeaway options to avoid the hassle of shopping and preparing the meal on their own. Unavailability of customer orders can decrease their satisfaction levels and even lead them to discontinue using these services. The customer loses interest in the food order by seeing a long waiting time. The Table & Twine food services lose customers and their business due to losing customers’ interest. The customers may think this is intentional and will probably not be returning to your store. We thought that we should create Shopify store for Table & Twine.

Customers will suffer great inconvenience when they order food and later realize that their orders are unavailable. Some may become chronic at using the phone as a delivery medium and forget other means such as home delivery, take away, and eating in.

Online food delivery companies provide a convenient and time-saving service to their customers and the convenience of ordering meals from home. Due to some issues associated with bad customer care services at Table & Twine online food delivery services, many customers complain about their experience. Many complaints have been reported about these services at Table & Wine as they lag in communication and are unresponsive after delivery. Online food delivery companies must provide quality customer services to retain customers since the success of their businesses is dependent on repeat customers.

Table & Twine needs to be able to quickly rectify any issues related to incorrect or missing items in an order. Good customer care service is all that customers want when dealing with online food delivery services. These businesses can pose a huge problem as businesses rely on repeat customers who return for their favorite dishes and experience.

Client's Dilemma

Table & Twine, Meal Delivery services are popular for giving convenient, satisfying, and healthy ways to consume food. However, they struggle to convert their users into regular customers due to an inadequate CTA (Call-to-Action). Customers are usually not aware of how to order and when it takes too many steps and clicks for them to book their next meal.

The Solution

As top Shopify web designers, we had the following solutions for Table & Wine meal delivery services:‍

Recharge as a custom solution

Table & Twine must take care of their subscription to the meal delivery service, which includes changing items, pausing services, changing delivery dates, and skipping weeks. The Table & Twine innovation team worked to make it easy for customers to use the Recharge platform’s many API endpoints in a way that was not obvious to them.Our team made a custom meal software on Shopify that lets people choose food and when it is delivered. This information about customers and deliveries is put together to make the recurring profile on Recharge. The custom Table & Twine platform talks to Recharge to ensure the invoices are correct and to gather the data for Recharge’s recurring subscription details.The Shopify website makes it easy for customers to change their meal plans and subscription information. The changes are automatically synchronized with Recharge, ensuring that the right information is sent about delivery and payment. 

Created location-based pages

We created several landing pages for online meal delivery services by optimizing their mobile menus to help customers to find what they want. Although it does provide a convenient service for the customers, sometimes, these service providers can lose business because of their lack of locations and information. One of which is that it makes it easier for people to know where they can purchase your products.It is also a great way to see if you have franchises nearby or if other people have already gotten involved with your business. Table & Twine fans can also be a part of this by suggesting their favorite locations or allowing them to submit reviews on those pages. We are experts who know how to make shopify store for a business, so we included location-based pages for meal delivery services for the clients. 

Location-based SEO

We enhance Table & Twine Shopify website’s on-page and off-page components that combine to make it more useful to your target audience. SEO enables businesses to increase the search engine results page rankings. They let consumers decide whether to navigate to your website by giving them a preview of what they’re about to read. The city, state, zip code, or service region are all considered location criteria.We ensured that the brand’s name, address, and phone number were similar across all online directories. It will help search engines like Google discern the many locations and provide the searcher with the appropriate one. When constructing location pages, there is no difference; first, the URL should be very clear. If there are any disparities, this will produce a problem with Google search.

Created location-based bundle builder

A wonderful method to boost sales in your Shopify store is to use the Shopify website builder bundle, which enables consumers to design their product bundles. Customized bundles allow your consumers to select from various related products to build the Bundle that appeals to them the most. This strategy encourages your clients to add more things to their shopping carts while increasing sales for your Shopify store. 

The Result

With the custom development services we offer to Table & Wine, we achieved the following results:

Customer orders were made available.

Inexpensive and reliable meal delivery services are a hit among the young urban population. They provide quality food while also using excess food that supermarkets throw away. At Table & Twine, customers can now order their favorite meals by calling or sending a simple text message to the management of the business. It makes it easier for working people who do not have time to cook for their families.

Customers experience excellent customer care services.

At Table & Twine, good customer care services have become crucial to customer feedback. Good customer care will ensure customer loyalty and maintain customer satisfaction, plus improve customer retention. It is the best way to build trust in the minds of your customers and help them enjoy their experience while they use your product/service.

Custom recharge custom system

Results of Recharge as a custom solution for meal delivery services charge provides a simple and effective solution to deliver delicious meals to your door. With the touch of a button, Table & Twine customers can have a variety of fresh, healthy meals delivered to their door with the click of a mouse. Using a customized solution for recharging tokens delivers a seamless experience for the customers and helps to increase revenue by eliminating friction in payments.

Relevance of location-based pages

We helped meal delivery companies through Shopify store builder. We showed their customers what they were missing. The business impact was positive, with a 7% increase in sales throughout the project. The results were that users would visit the page for their delivery service and then use it as a destination page to view what delivery services are available in the area quickly.

The results of this study suggest that targeting specific metropolitan areas with relevant messaging and advertisements is a cost-effective way for companies to expand their customer base, increase market share, and grow profits.

Results of location-based SEO

When people look for a meal delivery service, they’re not looking for just any restaurant; they want to get dinner from the best one in their neighborhood. They can enjoy freshly cooked food in the comfort of their home. It gives money and time to customers who don’t have time to cook and go grocery shopping.

Meal delivery services need to increase the visibility of their company name, websites, and staff profiles. If you’re not using this, then you can’t be successful.

The second thing is that customer satisfaction should always be increasing. It will help reduce costs while improving your business by providing more food options, faster delivery times, and better customer care services.

Results of creating bundle builders

Full data analysis enables you to monitor Conversion, Income, and Total Views in one location.

Get customers to add more to their shopping baskets by offering them a discount when they buy a bundle of items.

Our app comes with Bundle builder, Combo bundles, Advanced bundles, Bundle by product, and many more attributes.

The Showcase

As custom development experts we know how to make a Shopify store featuring some of our favorite meal delivery services so you can enjoy delicious food at home without all the hassle! We at Table & Twine think eating dinner should be a pleasure, not a chore. Due to this, our chefs handle the bulk of the job for you. So that you may untangle and eat at dinner, they spend hours purchasing and chopping. Unlike other meal kit providers, our chefs offer intriguing pairing suggestions, including homemade cocktails, appetizers, and desserts. These mouthwatering add-ons go perfectly with our main entrées, which change every two weeks, and seasonal specials, kid’s meals, and other à la carte products.

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