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Oscar Magnuson

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Oscar Magnuson is a popular eye glasses brand that offers varied range of sunglasses based on contemporary art, design, fashion, music and other important features. They have a huge in-house collection that can suit any age group with a classic taste. The

The Brief

The Problem

Limitations in customizing the glasses as per customer expectations

This leads to a chain of vicious events where brand faces consistent struggle.

  1. Lack of flexibility in creating a customized output based on the client’s requirements.
  2. Inadequate ecommerce tools to process order
  3. Less traffic on the site
  4. Less number of orders

Client's Dilemma

Lack of flexibility in creating customized options

When it comes to style and complimenting fashion, customers need options and trials before making a concrete decision. In case of choosing optical, it is important for customers to know how it will look on their face and whether it is going to suit as per their face structure, and expectations.

There are many queries and expectations that a customer can come up with. The brand had limited options to carry out the customizations because of the tech reasons. The existing website does not support the complete end to end customizations based on the customers inputs. Moreover, it leads to create unexpected and clueless decision from the customers side; which in return become a costly affair for the brand.

Inadequate ecommerce tools

Digitalization has captured most of the market and has become a part and parcel of every online business operations. Earlier, the site was made with Squarespace. Now, the square space comes with its own limitations. Though there are many specifications that comes with the site but still it lacks many required features.

This limited set of features and specifications were a strong reason why the brand was not able to adapt to the digital growth with its maximum potential. In longer cases, it developed a strong and negative impact on the clients.  Whenever a client asks for some specific changes or customizations, the site was not able to offer the same to them; which eventually leads to create an uneasy customer experience to them.

Less number of visitors on the site

As we already stated that the existing site was incompatible to meet the customers’ demands. This lead to develop a resistance among the visitors to come and scroll the web content. It also creates a huge gap in offering the easily accessibility of the products to the site visitors.

The lesser visitors on the site lead to a low traffic rate and eventually become one of the most convincing reason for lack of digital popularity of the brand. This has been one of the downturn that impacted the brand in a negative way.

Less number of orders

Due to lack of traffic on the site, it was evident that the number of orders become less and eventually resulted in less revenue. This has been one of the biggest nightmares for any brand. They face a tough situation and experienced a slow growth in terms of revenue and customer acquisition.

The Solution

Few changes in the site along with strategic approach helps the brand to capture attention of their potential prospects. 

Transitioning to Shopify ecommerce website development

To begin with, we offer Shopify ecommerce website development services to the client and helped them in owning a custom site. This custom-built site has helped Oscar Magnuson to own all the required customizations as per their prospects demands. The Shopify website comes with its own set of pre-defined features that enables the business to showcase and highlight its products and their specifications in a diligent way.

Escalating the user acquisition

As we started with Shopify ecommerce website builder, we observed that there was a smooth transition of a friendly interface to the site. It has helped the first-time visitors to come and explore the products on the store without getting confused. The easy to use and scroll web pages allow to capture maximum attention of the potential clients and create a long-term relationship with them. Eventually, it became a helping hand in allowing the brand to build a strong clientele in the market.

Growing Financial Numbers

Once you agree and know how to make a website on Shopify, it became easy for you to create and establish a strong and distinguished brand presence in the market.  The Oscar Magnuson was able to drive a better revenue growth and success without intervening or changing the SOPs.  Every D2C business strives to capture and retain a better revenue growth with expansion. The Shopify Ecommerce Development has helped the brand to accomplish the same.

Turning Visitors into Customers

As compared to square space, the on-boarded Shopify ecommerce development company was able to provide the required customization to the visitors. It has helped in converting the visitors into loyal customers and bring more potential growth to the brand. Once a customer gets a happy experience, it became easier for them to promote and share the news within their circle. Hence, resulted in growth of the business.

The Result

The custom development and introduction of Shopify ecommerce website builder allows the brand to find and retain happy customers at their side.


Capturing more visitors

With Shopify ecommerce website coming in the picture, it became easier for the brand to capture the maximum attention of the online visitors. This can be an added advantage as the brand itself faces trouble in getting the expected attention. The optimized Shopify ecommerce website make it obvious for the customers to choose and select the products based on the description.

Winning customers trust

The complete customization of the products made it easier and convenient for the site visitors to get answers to all their queries and order the product right away. It has helped in gaining the trust vote of the customers and widening the customer list.

Making higher revenue

The high customers and more order volume spikes the success rate to the brand’s revenue figure. It has helped to achieve and cross the set targets for a certain quarter and approach towards a wider vision of growing and capturing more potential market.

The Showcase

We are one of the renowned Shopify ecommerce website development company that has helped our client-Oscar Magnuson to build and establish a strong digital presence in the market. For any business, it is important to keep on progressing with the numbers. The brand was facing tough situation when it comes to find and build a relation with the customers. The lack of ecommerce tools present in their existing online setup become a major down fall in losing customers and orders. Most of the customers were looking for certain customizations in the products. But the website was not able to support those customizations. This become one of the most obvious reason, why there were less number of site visitors and why there was less growth in revenue. With us, coming in picture, we tried to overcome it to its maximum possible extent. From starting with a Shopify ecommerce website development to making sure the web page is optimized as per the guidelines, our experts were doing every bit to help the brand grow and scale in the market. After the prompt implementation of the tools and website, it has been observed that there is a positive shift in customer acquisition and the brand is now overwhelmed with huge order growth. They have a long way to go and succeed in the market as their products have high potential and capacity.


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