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Need a quick Shopify design or development job done? We're your team! From minor edits to full-on set up, we can handle everything. Give us a call today!

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Olymp Webflow Template Digital Marketing Team Home 2 Page Image
Olymp Webflow Template Digital Marketing Team Home 2 Page Image

Customers decide within 3 seconds if they want to stay or leave your shop. We can help you keep them

When a customer lands on your site, you can be sure that they will be making a decision in seconds. The things that will influence this decision are the look of your site, the range of offerings, and the speed at which it is loaded. We love to create perfect designs that speak to visitors and make them want to stay on your site for longer!

We work on custom themes

We specialize in creating customized themes that will make your website look great, and we're also experts at making small tweaks to make your site more interactive and user-friendly. So whether you want a new, custom theme or just a few minor adjustments, we can help!

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Full Creative

We use Figma to create original mockups for the core pages of our Shopify site, and then we modify a compatible Shopify theme to give it that stunning look. This process helps us produce a site that looks professional, yet unique and memorable.

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Theme modifications

Introducing lively, interesting modifications to common themes that will make them look better, sell better, and match your branding! Whether you're in need of a fresh new look or just want to make your existing theme stand out more, our skilled designers are here to help. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can take your business up a notch.

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Custom pages

We create custom pages for your apps, functions, unique forms, pages. We can customize each page to reflect your brand and customer base while keeping the look and feel consistent across all pages.Setup of custom pages for apps, functions, unique forms, pages, products, collections and more

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Custom layouts

We can create custom sections, different layouts for products and pages, along with complete control over theme customization. This makes it easy to adapt your site to match the look and feel you want it to have.

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Site speed

It can be frustrating when shopping on a shopify site and it takes forever for the pages to load. With our skilled team of experts, we are able to help optimize scripts, images, Liquid, apps and more so that your shopping experience is faster than ever!

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Let us add in the ability to sell your products B2B and B2C with wholesale functionality, net30 and draft orders. This will allow you to generate more revenue while saving on processing time and expense.

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App installs

We can help you find the best app for what you need, make sure it looks perfect on your site, and install it for you. We have a variety of apps that will fit any need or theme.

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To make sure our campaigns are reaching their goals, we need to track their progress. We can use tracking funnels, Google Analytics, and other tools to keep an eye on our results.

Increase your sales!

The most successful businesses know that their branding must be on point in order to attract new customers and keep them coming back. And what better way to improve your branding than by updating your theme? We can help you find a new or updated theme that will boost your sales, and in some cases, even triple them!


We are Shopify custom theme developers, Shopify store designers, Shopify web designers

At Digital Peaks, we know that your shop is key to your business. That's why we specialize in Shopify theme development. We can take any Shopify theme and make it look exactly like the competing site- but this isn't going to give you the edge you need. As experts with years of experience, we can customize any theme to fit your specific needs and goals. Some of the modifications we can make include: adding custom header and footer pages, custom layouts, customized sections and pages, app installs - even building completely new landingpages! So if you're looking for a unique Shopifytheme that'll really stand out from the rest, call on Digital Peaks!

When it comes to modifying and designing a custom Shopify theme, we are your team.

Would you like a website that is on the cutting edge of design? Who better to provide this service than those who know how to modify themes to match your specific needs? With our years of experience and comprehensive knowledge, we can create a website that is unique and exactly what you have in mind.

Digital Peaks is your Shopify partner

At Digital Peaks, we take pride in our ability to provide the best Shopify services possible. Whether you need help developing a custom theme or need technical assistance with setting up your shop correctly, we have the expertise and know-how to get the job done right. We're always happy to offer insights on our custom development services or offer recommendations on which Shopify features might be most useful for your business. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

What our Clients Say

So Helpful!

Johanna G.

Saul a is a great person to work with. He is very helpful. He is an expert, but can explain things in layman's terms so that
get it. I saved several weeks of time by getting consulting from Saul. I highly recommend him.

Fantastic Experience

Georges C.

My experience with Digital Peaks' SEO & Digital Marketing services has been fantastic. The team is extremely
knowledgeable and responsive, and they always go the extra mile to ensure that you get the promised results. I would
highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their online visibility and performance.

10/10 Would Recommend!

Natalia S.

Saul and his team are absolutely amazing to work with. Incredibly dedicated and thorough! 10/10 recommend!

Awesome work!

Sam L.

Very satisfied with the finished product. Digital Peaks delivered as
promised. To the point and spot on. Good experience. Definitely recommended.


Which services do you provide?

We specialize in Shopify ecommerce development, making it our priority to help you power your business with forward-thinking design and top-quality development. We can assist you with migrations, custom processes, setups and more to help get your store noticed by the masses. And don't forget – our Shopify Ecommerce SEO services can help fuel traffic growth right from the start!

How much do your services cost?

We work with merchants that are new to ecommerce, as well as established businesses who need tailored ecommerce solutions. We provide a variety of packages to fit your needs and help you reach your business goals.We work with merchants that are new to ecommerce as well as established ecommerce buisiness so we provide packages that fit depending on your business goals and your needs

What is your workflow?

At Digital Peaks, we strive to create personalized success for each and every business. Our process is simple – based on your goals and the services you choose – we adapt to help you reach your full potential. Thanks for choosing us as your go-to source for growth!At Digital Peaks we don't do cookie cutter process because your business is unique. Depending on your business goals and the packages you select, we look at the overall plan and carve a way to sucess.

What should I do after applying form?

Imagine, your very own successful business journey that starts with our help! Our knowledgeable team will get in touch with you to confirm your booked time so you can begin reaching your goals. Thank you for choosing us!


Ready to work together?

Our engineers know how to create Shopify themes that are both easy to use and perform great!  Fill out our simple form below to book a 30-minute consultation with our staff.

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We at Digital Peaks take pride in giving you one thing: results. We will boost your online visibility and, most importantly, your revenue by providing Shopify website design service,Shopify SEO services,Shopify conversion optimization, and other services.

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